Short Term Rental Moratorium

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Short Term Rental Moratorium

Many council members were in favor of the short term rental moratorium, as a way to give metro council time to see what recommendations will come from the Zoning Board next week in consideration of STR ordinance changes. Others were not in favor of the moratorium as it is taking away a mechanism for individual STR operators to become complaint with the laws and the timing being abrupt to many who are currently in the permitting (CUP) process. Additionally, there was concern for the message a YES vote would send to zoning and to the community because it could be inferred that council was against STRs, which is not the case.

Nevertheless, a relentless group of 12 individuals remained in the council chambers until the vote was complete. They held signs showing their opposition to the moratorium and gently providing answers to questions bill supporters were unable to address. It was an emotional evening. The vote did not occurr until 1 AM, following a 2.5-hour debate.

Why is this important?

The most interesting events of the evening were when one of the three bill sponsors (David James, Council President, District 6 – Old Louisville) reversed his position and voted AGAINST the very bill he supported.

This vote is notable as this is the first time metro council has met to debate the STR topic since the ordinance was first passed 3 years ago by the same body. The zoning board is expected to vote on their suggested ordinance changes next week, and submit to metro council for review shortly after the first of the year.

For information on how to register your short-term rental property with Louisville Metro government, click here

Here were the vote total from Friday Morning: Vote

District Party Last name First Name STRs in District VOTE
1 D Green Jessica 0 YES
2 D Shanklin Barbara 0 No Vote
3 D Woolridge Mary 2 YES
4 D Sexton-Smith Barbara 24 YES
5 D Bryant* Cheri 1 NO
6 D James David 53 NO
7 R Leet* Angela 2 NO
8 D Coan Brandon 56 YES
9 D Hollander Bill 27 YES
10 D Milvihill Pat 17 YES
11 R Kramer Kevin 0 NO
12 D Blackwell Rick 0 YES
13 D Aubrey Welch* Vicki 0 YES
14 D Fowler Cindi 0 NO
15 D Butler* Marianne 9 YES
16 R Reed Scott 3 NO
17 R Stuckel* Glen 2 NO
18 R Parker Marilyn 0 NO
19 R Denton* Julie 1 NO
20 R Benson Stuart 0 NO
21 D Lanshima Vitalis 4 YES
22 R Engel Robin 0 NO
23 R Peden James 0 NO
24 D Flood Madonna 0 YES
25 D Yates David 1 No Vote
26 D Ackerson Brent 1 NO

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