Louisville STR CUP Cases And Results

by | May 26, 2019 | Laws and Regulations

Non-owner occupied short term rental properties operating in Louisville, KY requires a conditional use permit (CUP) to operate legally. The City of Louisville has imposed a 600-foot BAN of new non-owner-occupied short-term rental properties within 600-feet of another unless given a waiver by the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BOZA). This document tracks the STR zoning cases brought before BOZA and their outcome.

Hearing DateCase NumberAddressDistrictApplicantW/in 600 Feet?Distance to nearest CUPDecision
5/20/1918CUP11722808 Yorkshire Boulevard28David SnyderNo600+ FeetApproved
5/20/1918CUP1199900 Texas Avenue10Eric CarricoYes335 Feet and 465 FeetApproved
5/20/1918CUP1172775 Goullon Ct4James WallaceYes376 FeetApproved
5/20/1918CUP1174772 Goullon Ct4James WallaceYes403 Feet and 30 FeetApproved
5/20/1918CUP12175711 River Rd16PLM PropertiesNo600+ FeetApproved
6/3/1918CUP11872328 Valetta Lane8Robert & Diana BrownNo600+ Feet
6/3/1918CUP11901209 Garvin Place6Hensley AssociatesYes59 FeetApproved
6/3/1918CUP12041516 W Chestnut4Carrye B JonesNo600+ FeetApproved
6/3/1919CUP1007535 Wainwright Ave15Hannah & Ethan BauerYes50 FeetApproved
6/3/1919CUP10121922 Payne St9JR Homes LLCNo600+ FeetApproved
6/3/1919CUP10141227 S 6th St6Emily Beauregard/William MartinYes182 Feet – Multiple
6/17/1918CUP1053909 E Washington St4Brad TitzerYes3 within 600 feetApproved
6/17/1918CUP12071240 Boyle St10Karen & Ken SumnerNo600+ FeetApproved
6/17/1918CUP12094117 S 2nd St15Turner Homes, LLC.No600+ FeetApproved

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