Important Louisville Airbnb Dates 2018

Important Louisville Airbnb Dates 2018

Important Louisville Airbnb Dates 2018

January 2018
1 – New Years

February 2018
14 – 17 – Farm and Machinery Show (305,000)
14 – Valentines Day

March 2018
10 – St. Patricks Day Parade (Highlands)
10 – 11 – KIVA Sports/Ohio Valley Volleyball 2018 Tourney (10,000)
17 – Louisville FC VS Nashville
22 – 24 – Mid American Trucking Show’s 2018 Annual Trade Show (80,000)
24 – Louisville FC VS North Carolina
31 – Louisville FC VS Tampa Bay

April 2018
6 – 8 – Junior Volleyball Assoc. 2018 World Challenge (15,000)
11 – 14 – Together for the gospel (15,000, YUM center)
23 – May 1 – VEX Robotics World Championship (Expo Center, 23,000)
26 – 28 – Derby Festival Mini Marathon, athletes est. arrival and departure

May 2018
3 – 5 – Derby
10 – 12 – National Archery in the School’s Program’s 2018 Nat. Tourney
12 – U of L Graduation
19 – Louisville FC VS Atlanta United
26 – 28 – Memorial Day Weekend

June 2018
25 – 29 – SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference (18,000)
29 – Jul 5 – Athletx’s 2018 Youth Baseball & Softball Nationals Tournament #1
30 – Louisville FC VS New York Red Bulls II

July 2018
4 – 4th of July (Falls on a Wednesday, either weekend may be popular)
4 – 8 – Pastime Tournament’s 2018 16U National Championship
5 – 8 – TFNCamps & Clinics 2018 Run 4 Roses (18,000)
6 – 12 – Athletx’s 2018 Youth Baseball & Softball Nationals Tournament #2
10 – 13 – TFN Camps & Clinics 2018 Battle in the Boro (14,000)
13 – 15 – Forecastle
20 – 22 – All In Hoop Fest @ KY Expo Center. 2,000 Teams + chaperones 
20 – 26 – Athletx’s 2018 Youth Baseball & Softball Nationals Tournament #3

August 2018

September 2018
1 – 3 – Labor Day Weekend
2 – 5 – National Street Rod Assoc. 2018 Street Rod Nationals (30,000)
22 – 23 – Bourbon and Beyond (Champions Park, River Rd) – 50,000 attendees
24 – 29 – United Pentecostal Church Intl 2018 Conference (8,000)
29 – 30 – Louder Than Life (Champions Park, River Rd) – 60,000 attendees

October 2018
6 – 8 – Columbus Day Weekend
10 – 15 – Ironman athletes typical arrival and departure
14 – Ironman (Sunday)
17 – 19 – 2018 Green Industry Equipment + Expo (22,500)
23 – Elton John @ YUM! Center

November 2018
2 – 16 – North American International Livestock Exposition @ KY Expo Center (200,000)
2 – 3 – Breeders Cup @ Churchill Downs (100,000)
10 – 12 – Veterans Day Weekend
21 – 24 – Thanksgiving

December 2018
8 – 9 – Varsity Brand’s 2018 All Star Cheer & Dance Competition (17,000)
23 – 26 – Christmas 
31 – New Year’s Eve

Additional things to watch: 
Louisville FC Soccer Schedule (Downtown, NULU, Highlands, Germantown)
Popular events at The Palace
YUM Center
UofL Basketball and Football Schedules

This calendar is a list of events that we find bring a significant number of short-term rental guests to Louisville. Many allow for an increase in nightly pricing. The underlined events are significant. Please help keep this calendar up-to-date. If you think an event should be added or if a date in incorrect, please email details to:

Your source for short term rental management and consulting.


Boone Cabin – Things to Know

Boone Cabin – Things to Know

Boone Cabin – Things to Know

Thermostat – The house has central forced heating and air, and is controlled by the thermostat in the main hallway. Please use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature.


Fireplaces – There are two gas-burning fireplaces in the house, one in the living room and one in the kitchen. Both are operated in the same manner. Here are the instructions for operation:

Instructions for use…

  • Locate the black knob in the lower right of the log base, and the pilot starter button in the lower left of the log base.
  • Make sure there is no gas odor.
  • Turn the knob to pilot and press down. This will allow gas to flow.
  • Press the pilot starter button. You should see a small blue flame between the logs.
  • Slowly turn the knob and turn to the desired flame size.
  • Please turn flame off entirely before going to bed or leaving the house. The knob should be in the OFF position. Please make sure it is not set to PILOT. Many people make this mistake and it will continue to release gas into the house.

– Anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised when lighting the fire
– Please do not burn anything in the fireplace. It is not externally venting and the house will fill with smoke.
– Please do not leave the house or go to bed with the fire burning
– Please do not rearrange the logs. They are not meant to be in direct contact with the fire and will emit a noxious odor that can cause headaches. 
– If you smell gas or any odors, please turn off the fireplace and contact us.
– We recommend keeping the mesh curtains closed while the fireplace is in operation to minimize accidents or burns. Please be careful when opening to turn off the fireplace, they will be hot.


Water – The cabin is equipped with an electronic water shutoff system. It is located in the room off the kitchen, next to the circuit breaker and looks like a thermostat. If it beeps, please press “home”. If the water is shut off to the house, please press “home” and see if the water begins working again.

Hot Water – The water to the cabin is supplied by a well. The well bring water up from the water table at 40 degrees. Because of this, it can take a little extra time for the hot water to heat. We recommend spacing showers and maybe taking a little less time than usual if you have a larger group.


TV and WIFI – We subscribe to TV and internet service through Charter Cable. There is one TV in the house, located in the main living room. We have a DVD player with 30 popular DVD titles that appeal to most age groups and genres.

Wifi Network – MyCharterWifi90-2G
WIFI Password – grandriver452

If you have an issue with the TV or Internet please troubleshoot by turning off all equipment and doing a hard reset on the TV box and.or internet modem. 


Garbage – Garbage day is Tuesday. The collection company comes to the deck to retrieve the cans…don’t be alarmed. Please make sure everything is put in trash bags because they carry individual bags to the truck. We are charged when loose garbage is left in the can.


Coffee MakerThe coffee maker is for use with ground coffee beans. We do our best to provide coffee for each guest. We do not have means of grinding coffee beans on site.

There is a 1/8-cup measuring scoop in the coffee. That is the equivalent of 2 Tablespoons. Most coffee manufacturers recommend adding 1 heaping Tablespoon of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. The “cups” outlines on the coffee pot are in 6 oz. increments.

Example: If you add 4 “cups” of water, you should add 4 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee, or 2 scoops from the 1/8-cup coffee scoop provided.

Please let us know if you use the last of the coffee so we can provide for the next guest.


Washer and Dryer – There is a stackable washer and dryer at the end of the main hallway, located in a closet under the stairs. You are free to use for your personal belongings. Please let us know if something in the house is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Our cleaning service launders all linens off site, so no linen laundry is necessary unless for your personal use.


Hair dryers – Hair dryers are provided in each each full bathroom (total of 2). They are located under the vanity.


Kitchen appliances provided:
Coffee Maker (ground coffee)
Waffle Maker
George Forman Grill
Four slice Toaster

Electric range with oven
Full-size side-by-side refrigerator with icemaker


Inclement Weather – If snow or ice is in the forecast, we recommend parking at the base of the driveway facing out, to make it easier to exit. The street is plowed when accumulation reaches 2-3 inches. Our driveway has a company that services it as well.

Ice melt and a shovel are provided in the outside cabinet located between the kitchen doors. Please let us know if you use the last of it so we can replace.

Please let us know if anything should be included that is not mentioned here. 

Your source for short term rental management and consulting.