Louisville Short Term Rental Zoning Win

Short Term Rental Zoning The Louisville Planning Commission awarded a major win for short term rental zoning in Louisville, KY today. In a unanimous vote of 7-0, the Planning Commission voted to recommend no changes or restrictions to current residential short term rental zoning requirements for non-owner occupied properties. This comes on the heels of […]

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Short Term Rental Moratorium

Metro Council decided in favor of short-term rentals in Louisville, KY early Friday morning with a vote of 11-YES and 13-NO on a proposed short term rental moratorium that would ban the issuance of new conditional use permits for 90 days. Permits are currently required citywide for properties that are non-owner occupied and located in […]

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Louisville Short Term Rental Registration

Registering your short-term rental property is a two (2) step process.   STEP 1 – Register Your Business with Metro Revenue Commission  1) Register with the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission. This will provide you with a necessary identification number for filing. If you report self-employment tax in Louisville you may already have this number. You may […]

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Important Louisville Airbnb Dates 2019

January 2019 1 – New Years February 2019 13 – 16 – Farm and Machinery Show (305,000) 14 – Valentines Day 20-23 – Bourbon Classic, Various Downtown Locations March 2019 9 – St. Patricks Day Parade (Highlands) 28 – 30 – Mid American Trucking Show’s 2019 Annual Trade Show (80,000) April 2019 24 – 30 […]

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Maintaining A 5 Star Short Term Rental Landscape

Operating a short term rental property can be time consuming. Most operators maintain full time jobs, families, and other obligations outside of being amazing hosts and providing a 5 star experience to every guest that walks through the door. Maintaining a 5 star short term rental landscape is often one of the last items on […]

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Airbnb and City of Louisville Reach Tax Collection Agreement

A press release was sent out by the City of Louisville this morning announcing they have reached an agreement with Airbnb to collect and remit the 8.5% hospitality/bed tax on every guest reservation made through Airbnb. Under Airbnb’s current agreement with the state, taxes are added to reservations at checkout and paid by the guest. Airbnb […]

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Important Louisville Airbnb Dates 2018

January 2018 1 – New Years February 2018 14 – 17 – Farm and Machinery Show (305,000) 14 – Valentines Day March 2018 10 – St. Patricks Day Parade (Highlands) 10 – 11 – KIVA Sports/Ohio Valley Volleyball 2018 Tourney (10,000) 17 – Louisville FC VS Nashville 22 – 24 – Mid American Trucking Show’s […]

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Smoke Detector Regulation for Short Term Rentals in Louisville KY

Smoke Detector Regulation for Short Term Rentals in Louisville KY Ordinance 156.202 In all dwelling units, smoke detectors powered by a hard wire AC primary power source or a self-monitored, non-removal ten-year lithium battery shall be installed and maintained after the effective date of this section. Single station detectors presently installed utilizing standard batteries may […]

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Setting Up A Short Term Rental In Louisville KY

Navigating the short-term rental legal process Setting up a short-term rental listing in Louisville, KY is not as difficult as you would think. Many parts of the country are plagued by heavy regulation that can increase the barriers-to-entry for newcomers and those unfamiliar with the process. Louisville’s short-term rental climate is very accepting, as long […]

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